I live at the base of snow capped mountains with penguins as neighbors. 
Once a seal broke into the local swimming pool for an afternoon dip. 
I covet coal and burn each one as a prayer for warmth in the winter. 

Never have I felt so lonely.
Never have I been so challenged.

To thrive in New Zealand one must bend harmoniously with the elements of nature. Big city comforts don’t exist here, it’s a country lost in time; untouched and raw. It is a land that constantly reminds you of your insignificance, and that ultimately you are at the mercy of Mother Earth. 

My life stands inconsequential and I am grateful. 

So I go into the bush
To find my roots in the Pohutukawa 
To find my history in the Tui
And along the way, return to myself.

Kia kaha. 

+ $5 from each sale will go to the Christchurch Victims Shooting Fund. 


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